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Gyro hardware for MountainScopeTM

MountainScopeTM supports several ways of inputting gyroscopic information for the display of pitch and roll attitude. The only additional cost is for the gyro hardware -- the software support is free.

The first gyro we supported was the solid-state "eGyro" sensors made by PC Flight Systems. Since then, we have added support for gyro input from sensors made by Crossbow and Dynon Avionics, with more to come.

On the PocketPC, gyro sensors enable an attitude view; on PCs with Windows 2000/XP, it adds attitude to the existing 3D Windshield View.

Some sensors (such as the eGyro-GC) can include pitot-static data, and magnetometer data, which enables a full EFIS-like display with tapes for airspeed, altitude, and heading.

eGyro-XP (RS232/iPAQ)
eGyro-GC (RS232/iPAQ)
On a PC
On a PocketPC

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