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MountainScope Testimonials

"I blew a cylinder in my Lancair at low altitude over WV last year. With 5 moving map GPS units in the plane, I instinctively looked at MountainScope first. It helped get me on the ground safely in a tense situation."

"Good work."

Steve C

"MountainScope is regularly used on an FA-18 throughout the US. Going from Norfolk, VA to Fallon, NV I received more than one nav point from the controllers that no one in the flight could find in our pubs, so I whipped out my Windows Mobile phone and looked them up on MountainScope. It got to the point where other pilots ahead of me would call me on comm. 2 to ask me to look up points for them!"

"Thanks again for a great piece of gear,"

[US Navy FA-18 Test Pilot]

I've been using Mountainscope faithfully for the past 5 years and to this day still can't believe I can get better quality terrain representation on my cell phone than I can in a 150 million dollar aircraft! Truly amazing software with a great interface. I love it!

[C-5 Galaxy Aircraft Commander]

"Stunning. That's the first word that comes to mind when looking at MountainScope's maps. The finely detailed topographic shading makes the maps look more like satellite photos."

Aviation Consumer, April 2005

"... the most valuable portable electronic equipment I ever had in a cockpit!"

Balthasar Indermuehle, Inside Systems GmbH

"Many things are very simple and user friendly, and clearly written by a pilot who knew what was needed."

Will Johnson, CFI Alaska Bush Pilot

"... I feel like I now have Lear Jet avionics in my '63 Cherokee 180. ... Actually - maybe I have better avionics..."

William Mitchell, Attorney, Private Pilot

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