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Zetaero Tablet Package: $1595!

PCAvionics is proud to have Zetaero as a partner, to bring you a custom-built tablet package like no other.

Zetaero started with a Windows 7 tablet, then customized the case, the screen, and the screen surface treatments to finish with the best sunlight-readable display that we've seen since we started doing this 10 years ago. In fact, all of the pictures on this page are actual un-retouched photographs -- the displays have not been "PhotoShopped."

The tablet in bright Cessna cockpit.
The screen is perfectly visible
even while the hand is washed out by the bright sunlight!
In sunlight
Switching to Plates with one button
Switching tasks
An airport diagram in the Plate display
Showing Airport Diagram

PCAvionics is offering these tablets in the USA with MountainScope pre-installed for just $1595 US.

Complete specs on the tablet are available here. Due to limited quantities, there may be a 2 to 4 week lead time.

Top Edge
Front Side Edge
Bottom Edge
Here is a video demonstrating the tablet in direct sunlight:

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